Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Francis OTWELL of Somerset, DE (1695 -1775), married to Hannah

Edna OTWELL-SIM > Edwin OTWELL > Maurice OTWELL . John F. OTWELL > William OTWELL > Francis OTWELL > William OTTWELL > Francis OTWELL
Flag of Delaware
The following (indented) is from the research of Rev. Edward H. OTWELL and Edward BREGENZER’s The Otwell Manuscript (The Otwells in America Since 1619) which is a compilation of their research on the Otwell family history, dated 1998. (You can find a link to this document on our resource page.) 
Francis was born about 1695 in Sussex, Co., DE to Charles and Rachel OTWELL. By 1714 (age 19), he had married Hannah (1689-1750). He may of had at least 6 children: Francis, Solomon, our ancestor William (of Sussex), Charles, James and Nellie. He next married Lurany and she died in 1776.

Maryland and Delaware counties are divided into areas called Hundreds. We found Francis in Pocomoke Hundred, Somerset MD tax records 1723 through 1740 (Thanks to our distant cousin at Betty's Boneyard Blog). The surname was listed as OUTWELL. Besides Francis and his son William, 2 other OUTWELL households listed were headed by a Charles and a Francis (the latter with dependent Solomon). These were likely his sons.



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