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The Sad Case of John F. OTWELL

Edna OTWELL > Edwin OTWELL > Maurice OTWELL > John Franklin OTWELL
Here are all of the articles found on John Franklin's 1893 crime.  He was 72 years old.
Argus Newspaper items are from St. Mary's Museum.  All of the other's were found at Our Ontario Digital Newspapers at

28 October 1893, London Free Press

28 Oct 1893, Windsor Evening Record, page 7

2 November 1893, Argus Newspaper, page 5

8 Nov 1893, Argus Newspaper, page 7
9 Nov 1893, Argus Newspaper, page 5
16 Nov 1893, Argus Newspaper, page 7

More items for John F. OTWELL

Lexington Reporter, 18 Jul 1849
Donation to poor - from Old Fulton Postcards
John GARTH also listed was JF's cousin
Louisville Evening Bulletin, 21 September 1857
JF accused of steal horse and buggy - from Old Fulton
Louisville Evening Bulletin, 22 September 1857
Bail set at $1500 (nearly 40K in today's money) - from Old Fulton

Louisville Evening Bulletin, 12 Oct 1857
Names of people in jail or on bail - from Old Fulton

21 Jan 1869, Argus Newspaper, page 3
From St. Mary's Museum

15 Apr 1869, Argus Newspaper, page 2

1873, Canadian Farmer, page 350
From Google books

8 Oct 1874, Argus Newspaper
Western Fair

8 Oct 1874, Argus Newspaper
Western Fair winners

8 Oct 1874 Argus Newspaper
Western Fair winners

8 Oct 1874, Argus Newspaper
Western Fair winners

1876, American Agriculturalist, volume 35, page 113
From Google books

1876, American Agriculturalist, volume 35, page 115
From Google books.
11 Sep 1883 The London Advertiser
Found on google news

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John Franklin OTWELL (1821-1908)

25 Mar 1885
Argus Newspaper, St. Mary's Museum
Edna OTWELL-SIM > Edwin OTWELL > Maurice OTWELL > John F. OTWELL
BORN - In Fayette County, Kentucky on April 29, 1821, John Franklin Otwell was born to William Otwell and Quintilla Garth.  On the 1830 US Census we found John's father in Fayette County.  No family member names are listed on this census, just check marks for ages of those in the household.  In 1839 after the death of his grandfather, Francis Otwell, John moved with his parents to Francis' farm in Scott, Kentucky.  We found the family on the US 1840 Census in Scott, Kentucky.

MARRIAGE - On December 19, 1844 he married Mary H. Taylor.  They had one child, Maurice Otwell, born in 1845.

John Otwell was found on the 1850 US Census listed as a farmer in Fayette County.  He was also listed on the 1850 Slave Schedule with a listing of five slaves, 4 males and one female.  On the Canadian 1851 Agricultural Census, John Otwell was listed as owning a 100 acre farm in West Nissouri, Ontario.  During this time he was in both Canada and Kentucky.

In 1858 he was listed in the will of his father, William, as an heir and executor.  He was also listed as the husband of Mary Taylor Otwell in the will of her father, Stark Taylor, in 1858.

In the Port Rowan News an article stated that "John Otwell came to Ontario in 1859 to escape from the mutiny and discontent between the North and South, and free his own conscience from his share of the responsibility for a system for which he had no sympathy."  John was now permanently in Ontario, Canada.
Port Rowan News, unknown date
Courtesy cousin Herb OTWELL/Arlene ROLA
Per the 1901 Canadian Census he was naturalized in 1854.

Original Label
Courtesy cousin Herb OTWELL
John was a farmer and gardener who became well-known in the community.  He grew a tremendous amount of vegetables and small fruits on about 25 acres of his farm.  In 1862 he built the first canning factory in West Nissouri.  We found many articles on the awards he won as a market gardener and also in the North Riding Show.  His business flourished.  During the growing and canning season he employed over 20 people.  He advertised for vegetable plants that would be sent by mail. He was a master of the best methods for preserving his fruits and vegetables.  Some vegetables he grew were squash, pumpkins, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, watermelon, corn, beets, carrots, parsnips and peas.  His tomatoes were rated excellent.

John Otwell had sleighs in the winter with wood-burning stoves on them.  He was the envy of many in his town.  He had an excellent reputation and was the head of a prosperous pickling company.  He led an exemplary life and was well-respected in his community.

On January 19, 1882, J. F. Otwell & Son Pickling Factory burned.  On February 22, 1882 he wrote a letter to the editor of the St. Mary's Argus thanking his insurance companies for their prompt payment.
23 Feb 1882, Argus Newspaper, page 6
St. Mary's Museum

Jar circa 1886
Maple Leaf Auctions

15 July 1886
Argus Newspaper

St. Mary's Museum
In 1886 an article stated J. F. Otwell's pickles are fast becoming famous all over the continent.  He began using a wider-neck jar with a screw top so the jars could be reused.

Can after JF sold the name
Photo courtesy St. Mary's Museum
In 1889 John's only child, Maurice, was committed to an insane asylum after many years of crazy behavior. The following year Mary Otwell, John's wife, died.  On the 1891 Canadian Census John is listed as 68 (he is 70), Presbyterian, and listed as a carpenter.  He had sold the farm and moved to London, Ontario.  Maurice's wife and their children are living with John.  He had previously sold his canning business.

2 Nov 1893
Argus, p 5
St. Mary's Museum
Hard times and dementia took a toll on John F. Otwell.  In November of 1893 he confessed to stealing a horse, wagon and harness that he used to steal grain from farmers in London, Ontario.  He confessed to the crimes and on November 9, 1893 he was found guilty and sentenced to two years at the Kingston Penitentiary.  He was 72-years old.  He was interviewed by Dr. Buck from the asylum his son was committed to.  Dr. Buck concluded John suffered from senile dementia and should not be responsible for his actions.  This had no effect on his sentence and John spent two years in Kingston.

We next find John on the 1901 Canadian Census.  He was 80-years old and living in St. Mary's, Ontario with his granddaughter, Mary Haley, and her family.  Some time after this he went to Detroit, Michigan where his daughter-in-law and some grandchildren were living.

DEATH - John Franklin Otwell died June 21, 1908 in Detroit.  He was 87-years old.  His cause of death was paralysis acute ascending.  His remains were returned to London, Ontario, Canada for burial.

John F. Otwell was one of the most interesting ancestors we have researched.  He was so well-respected and accomplished in his Canadian community.  His friends and neighbors signed a petition to try and stop his prison sentence.  This was unsuccessful because John had plead guilty to his crimes.  John Franklin Otwell was Mary Jane's favorite ancestor that we have researched.

Just when we thought John's stealing occurred in his old age, we found several articles in the Louisville Evening Bulletin dated around September 21, 1857.  When he was in Kentucky he stole a horse and buggy of Mr. Wilkes.  He was given bail of $1500 and remanded to jail to await trial at the next term of the criminal court.  He was also listed in a separate article as a person in jail.

21 Sep 1857
Louisville Evening Bulletin
Found on Old Fulton Postcards

Visit his on-line memorial:
5 Jan 1955

St. Mary's Museum

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John STOKES and Joan JARVISS –Married in 1714

Flag of England

Edna OTWELL > Edwin OTWELL > Jane ASH > Anna Maria MARKS > Uriah MARKS > Mercy STOKES > James STOKES > John STOKES and Joan JARVISS

John STOKES was likely born in North Bradley, Wiltshire, England. We do not know his parent’s names.

On 7 October 1714, he married Joan JARVISS (1696-?), daughter of Thomas Jarvis, Jr. She was christened on 26 April 1696 in North Bradley.

We found only one child, our ancestor James STOKES (1725-?).

When John and Joan were born, William and Mary were king and queen of England.  Next, Anne was queen and after her death, the crown was passed to German speaking cousin George I, King of Hanover in 1714. 

Here ends the STOKES and JARVISS research

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James STOKES (1725-?) and Ann LANGLEY (1727-?) –Married in 1748

Flag of England

Edna OTWELL > Edwin OTWELL > Jane ASH > Anna Maria MARKS > Uriah MARKS > Mercy STOKES > James STOKES and Ann LANGLEY

James STOKES was born 25 May 1725 in North Bradley, Wiltshire, England. He was christened 10 April 1726. His parents were John STOKES and Joan JARVISS.

On 22 January 1748, he married Ann LANGLEY. She was born about 1727 in North Bradley. We do not know her parent’s names.

They had at least 9 children: Betty, Sarah, James, John, Mercy MARKS (our ancestor), Joseph, Ann born in 1761, Ann born in 1763 and Samuel.

James and Ann lived during the reign of George II of England.

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Richard MARKS (1753-?) and Mercy STOKES (1755-?) -Married in 1781

Flag of England
Edna OTWELL > Edwin OTWELL > Jane ASH > Anna Maria MARKS > Uriah MARKS > Richard MARKS and Mercy STOKES

Richard MARKS was born about 1753 in North Bradley, Wiltshire, England. We have not identified his parents.

He married Rachel READ in North Bradley, Wiltshire, England on 3 February 1778. Rachel was the widow of James AVEN (1762-1777) and had at least 7 children from that previous marriage.

Richard and Rachel had at least one child named James. He was christened 1 January 1779. Rachel died in 1781 and was buried 9 January 1781.

On 8 June 1781, Richard next married 26 year old spinster Mercy STOKES (born to James STOKES and Ann Langley and christened 2 November 1755 in North Bradley).

Mercy gave birth to her first child Jane (christened 21 April 1782). Jane died in August 1782. Richard and Mercy may have moved to Stapleton, Gloucestershire, England. Their second child William was christened there on 12 September 1786. By 1804, they moved to Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England. Their third child, Uriah (our ancestor) was born in 1794 and he and their fourth child, Anne, were christened 5 February 1804 in Heytesbury.

Richard and Mercy lived during the reign of George II and George III of England.

No additional information has been found for Richard or Mercy. This ends the MARKS research.

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Uriah MARKS (1794-) and Susanna DIX -Married in 1817

Flag of England

Edna OTWELL > Edwin OTWELL > Jane ASH > Anna Maria MARKS > Uriah MARKS and Susanna DIX 

Anna Maria was born and baptized in Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England and her parents were Uriah MARKS, shearman, and Susanna. 

Uriah MARKS’ parents were Richard MARKS and Mercy STOKES (1755-?). The family was originally from North Bradley, Wiltshire, England and had moved to Heytesbury by Uriah's baptism on 5 February 1804. Uriah was born in 1794, so he was about 10 years old when he was baptized.  The name Uriah appears several times in the STOKES family of North Bradley.

We found a 5 October 1817 record of marriage for Uriah MARKS, bachelor to Susanna DIX, spinster in the transcript of Heytesbury Marriages, 1653-1827. The same information was found on Pallots Marriage Index, 1780-1837 and in the Wiltshire Parish Registers.  The marriage is the earliest record we have for Susanna.

From Pallots Marriage Index, 1780-1837
Uriah and Susanna had at least 5 children: Anna Maria (our ancestor), Elizabeth (born in 1820), Eliza (born in 1822), William, Jane and Henry.  Baby Henry was baptized in 1830 and died in 1831.  Susanna also died in 1831.

The family history recorded by genealogist Stilson HART states that William and possibly Lizzie were the names of the siblings that came to Toronto with Anna Maria after the death of their parents. William became a Methodist Minister and we found records confirming he had taught in a Sunday School in Toronto. No solid information has been found for Lizzie, though we have found a marriage registry in Toronto for Elizabeth MARKS who married John PUDNEY with witness William ASH (Anna Maria's husband's name).

To date, the only death record found for a Uriah MARKS in England was an 1846 record in Alderberry, another small Wiltshire village, but it is doubtful this is the same person since Anna Maria was in Canada before her 1838 marriage.

Interestingly, a Uriah MARKS showed up in the 1842 Toronto census. He was listed as a laborer. We also found a Toronto marriage registry for Uriah MARKS to Mary BRIEN on 25 May 1846. The marriage was by Banns and the witnesses were William MARKS and Elijah MARKS (which looks a bit like "Eliza MARKS"). Could Uriah have brought his children to Toronto? More research is needed.

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Oh Canada

Our Sim and Otwell ancestors originally came from Scotland, England and Ireland.  However, five of our ancestors were born in Ontario, Canada.  All five of them later immigrated to the United States where they died and are buried.

Jane ASH-OTWELL was born in Toronto on November 13, 1847 and died in Detroit on January 18, 1935.

Mary Ann WALLACE-SIM was born in Owen Sound in May 1869 and died in Buffalo on May 2, 1945.

John Wm. SIM was born in Colborne on August 7, 1870 and died in Buffalo on July 4, 1954.

Edwin J. OTWELL was born in St. Mary's on October 11, 1871 and died in Buffalo on June 2, 1920.

Mary J. CHARNOCK-OTWELL was born in London, ON on March 3, 1874 and died in Buffalo on October 18, 1935.

Two of our relatives were returned to their beloved Canada for burial.   James SIM died in Batavia, NY and his body was returned to Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada for burial.  John Franklin Otwell died in Detroit, Michigan and was buried in London, Ontario.

Canada was a stepping stone in our journey to the land of opportunity, the United States.  Eleven other ancestors are buried in Canada.  They include Elizabeth Gruer-Sim, William Wallace, Mary Huston-Wallace, William Huston, Esther Park-Huston, Robert Charnock, Eliza Scott-Charnock, Maurice Otwell, William Ash, Anna Maria Marks-Ash-Atwell and Mary H. Taylor-Otwell.

Ontario Map with Locations of Families

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Anna Maria MARKS-ASH-ATWELL (1817-1899)

Flag of England
Edna OTWELL- SIM > Edwin OTWELL > Jane ASH-OTWELL > Anna Maria MARKS

Like her husband William ASH, some of what we know about Anna Maria is based on histories compiled long ago by Stilson ASHE, Jr. (1918-) and shared by our third cousins David H. and Carolyn F. This was written by Stilson’s aunt, Esther ASHE, granddaughter of Anna Maria:
  • "Maria Marks (Father’s Mother) was born at Haysburg, Devonshire, England (Date unknown) An englishman thought it (Haysburg) near the center of Devonshire, not far from the Doons’ in the story of “Lorna Doone”. Maria Marks’ parents died. She being the oldest, emigrated to Toronto with her brothers and sisters. One brother, William Marks, became a Methodist Minister in Toronto. She had a sister Lizzie I think. Maria Marks was apparently a young lady when she left England. She told of lacing her corset so tight one day, when she went to church, everything turned black. When she came too she was lying on the church steps and the red feather in her hat was broken."
Anna Maria was known as Maria. She was the eldest daughter of Uriah MARKS and Susanna DIX of Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England born 13 November 1817. She immigrated with her siblings to Toronto, Ontario before 1838. She married William ASH on 12 May 1838 in Toronto and they settled in Uxbridge, Ontario.
William and Maria had at least 5 children: Maria SCHEFFER, Elizabeth PATTERSON, William ASH, James ASHE and Jane OTWELL (our ancestor).  William died in 1847 when Maria was about 3 months pregnant with Jane. After his death, Maria returned to Toronto where her siblings resided. She gave birth there to Jane.

On 30 April 1848, Maria next married farmer John ATWELL (1818 - 1903) of Pennsylvania. This blended family settled on a farm near St. Mary’s, West Nissouri, Middlesex, Ontario. They lived in a log cabin and had at least 4 additional children: Hannah ROSS, George, Ellen and Levi. There was also a son named John born in 1848; he may be Maria’s or he may have been John’s from a previous marriage. The family appears on the 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1891 West Nissouri censuses. The family was Episcopalian in the 1851 census and Canadian Methodist in 1861, 1871 and 1891.

In January 2017, cousin David H. found one of the ATWELL descendants, cousin Gayle J. of Ailsa Craig, Ontario.  She was not able to tell us anything new about William ASH, but she did have some information on Maria.  The following is from David's email:
  • "After we established that Anna Maria was our mutual ancestor, she said that every year her mother would place flowers at the ATWELL gravesite in North Nissouri Cemetery where we visited. When she and her mother ever talked about family history together, they would wonder what happened to the ASH siblings--nobody in the ATWELL family knew."
  • "Gayle told me a little about great-great-grandmother Anna Maria. She was greatly respected and loved in the community, and people would rather go see her than a doctor.. She delivered a large number of the babies born in the area. What a wonderful reputation."
Maria died at age 82 in 1899 and was buried at the North Nissouri Presbyterian Cemetery.
Anna Maria's Obit, 11 May 1899
From St. Mary's Museum
Visit her on-line memorial:

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William ASH (1817-1847)

Flag of Ireland
Edna OTWELL- SIM > Edwin OTWELL > Jane ASH-OTWELL > William ASH

Much of what we know about William is based on family historian Stilson HART (1918-) and shared by our third cousins David H. and Carolyn F.  This was written by Stilson’s aunt, Esther ASHE, granddaughter of William:
"Father’s Father whose name was William ASHE was born in Armagh County about 50 miles north of Dublin, 1817. He married May 12, 1838 and died April 29, 1847, in Canada, near Uxbridge, Ont. He had gone away on horseback. They found him lying on the ground beside his horse, his clothing unfastened and his body bloated. He had this trouble some time before his death. He must have been quite young when he came to America."
First, you will note that this family spells the surname ASHE as they are all descended from the one son, James ASHE, who spelled it that way. All of the other children used ASH and the documents we have found confirm the ASH spelling.

William ASH was born in Ireland and immigrated to Canada. Our earliest possible record is the marriage register for William ASH, widower of Toronto to spinster Hanna MARKS on 12 May 1838 in Toronto. We know that his wife’s name was Anna Maria MARKS and though the bride’s name does not match exactly, it is likely this is our William.  If the year of birth is true, he immigrated and was previously married by age 21.

In 1839, their first known child, Maria, was baptized in Toronto.  William's occupation was listed as a shoe-maker.  In 1844, they appear in Etobicoke Wesleyan Mehodist baptism records for their son William.  Etobicoke is near Toronto.

In an 1847 directory for Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, we found a William ASH occupying lot 6, concession 2. It is not known if he owned the parcel or leased it. A map found from 1870s shows that the lot had been divided into 4 smaller parcels with individual homes, a grist mill and a church.

  • This parcel was later known as the OTEWELL (no relation to our OTWELL line) Homestead and the Uxbridge Museum curator shared photos of the home and barns published in a book The Inventory of Historic Homes. There is a note in this book stating that the owners were Quakers and it is unknown what date the structures were built.  Quakers from Pennsylvania were the earliest settlers to this area.

William and Anna Maria had at least 5 children: Maria SCHEFFER, Elizabeth PATTERSON, William, James ASHE, Jane OTWELL (our ancestor). William died when Anna Maria was pregnant with Jane. The final document we have for William is Jane’s death certificate which listed her parent’s names.

At the time of his death in 1847, he would have been 30 years old.  We do not know where he was buried.

This ends the ASH research.

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More children of Maurice and Jane OTWELL

Match Girls courtesy of cousin Janin
Edna's Aunts and Uncles (paternal side)
There was no label on this photo, but it is suspected that these 2 girls were the younger OTWELL siblings (Edith, Ila May or Victoria).  The curator of the St. Mary's Museum thinks that the costumes were from a children's parade.  If you look closely, the costumes are made out of match advertisements.
In addition to Edwin OTWELL (our ancestor) and John Franklin OTWELL (the younger), Maurice and Jane had 5 more children:
William Charles (1868-1906) married Elizabeth NEAR in 1889.  They lived in Toronto and William was a barber.  He died at age 38.  No children.  (Elizabeth remarried and had a daughter.)
Mary Ellen (1873-1939) married Isaac Arthur HALEY in 1889.  They soon immigrated to Detroit and Jane joined them in 1903.  They had 8 children and genealogist Jackie HALTERMAN was a descendant of that line.  Mary Ellen died at age 66 of diabetes and chronic nephritis (inflammation of kidneys).
The HALEY family; photo courtesy of cousin Janin.
The HALEYs; photo courtesy of cousin Herb OTWELL
Edith Ann (1875-1955) married Charles PAGE in 1903 and had one daughter.  They remained in Michigan.  She died at age 80.
Ila May (1877-1928) married William MCLEOD in 1898.  That marriage didn't last and she immigrated with Jane to Detroit in 1903.  Next, she married George G. YOUNIE.  No children they remained in Detroit. She died at age 51 of chronic nephritis .
Victoria Jane (1884-1972) also came to Detroit in 1903.  She married Joseph FREISLEBEN in 1920.  Joseph had a daughter from a previous relationship.  They moved to California.  No additional children.  Victoria was the longest lived of the siblings; she died in 1972 at age 88.
  • It is interesting that 2 brothers died before the age of 50 (William and Edwin). 
  • Also interesting that most of the siblings had no children or only one child.  Edwin had 10 while Mary Ellen had 8.
  • You may also note that several of the siblings married in 1898 - the year Maurice was committed.

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John OTWELL (1866-1941) & descendants

All photo courtesy Herb OTWELL
Edna's Uncle (paternal line)
From an email by cousin Herb OTWELL, 2012:
“He was a 'corker' as my grandmother used to say. He and Vianna lived in the same house with my grandmother and grandfather til both died. My grandfather and an old carpenter built the house in 1933. I sold it when my grandmother died in 1987. It is still standing and people still live in it. My grandmother said John F. would get on the City Bus or street car and ride up town. He would go to the Log Cabin Saloon and drink a couple of beers. Then he would make the trip home with two pails of draft beer, which he would drink while he worked on type writers and adding machines. ...My grandmother said he had a quick temper and would curse a blue streak if something happened he didn't like. Vianna was quiet…. I always wondered how long it took them to make that trip to Canada from Louisiana in the mid 30's. As far as I know they drove but they may have taken the train.”

John Franklin OTWELL
and his nephew John Franklin HALEY
circa 1935
John Franklin OTWELL, born March 1866, was the eldest son of Maurice OTWELL (1845-1915) and Jane ASH (1847-1935). He was named after his grandfather, the elder John Franklin OTWELL (1821-1908). John grew up on the OTWELL Farm near St. Mary’s. 
John married Rebecca SAGER on 1 July 1889 in Cherry Grove, Ontario. She was 7 years older than John.
On the 1891 census, John and Rebecca lived in London, Ontario. John’s occupation was farm laborer.
On 30 November 1896, John next marries Vianna MURPHREE (1876-1954) in Blount County, Alabama. They had one child named Emmett Dewey.

John F., circa 1935
On 19 December 1898, Rebecca filed for divorce in Wayne Co., Michigan on the grounds of desertion. Divorce was finalized 13 October 1899. Rebecca was next found in a 1903, 1904 and 1905 directories living in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan. Her occupation was a nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital.
John, Vianna and Emmett were found on the 1900 census living in Falkville, Morgan Co., Alabama. On this census, John claims he was born in Ohio. In the 1940 census, John and Vianna were living in Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. On this census, John claims he was born in Michigan.

John appeared as the informant on the death certificate for his mother Jane ASH-OTWELL in Detroit in 1935.
John died 13 November 1941 in Monroe. Birthplace listed was Canada, but his parents are listed as John OTWELL and Mary. He was laid to rest at Riverview Cemetery.


Emmett Dewey OTWELL, Sr.
Emmett Dewey OTWELL, Sr. was born 6 May 1898 in Alabama. He married Ludie Mae GODWIN in 1924 and they had one child named Emmett Dewey, Jr. Emmett, Sr. died 18 Feb 1950 in Louisiana and was buried in Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery.

More from Herb, 2012: 
"Emmett Sr. grew up in Alabama and served in "Lima" Co. 167th Infantry, 42 Infantry Division "Rainbow Division", Alabama National Guard during WWI. He went to France and Germany and after being overseas for almost 3 years came home."
 “My great grand father repaired typwriters and adding machines. My grand father worked with him. They came to Monroe La. in 1923 and stayed in a rooming house owned by my other great grand mother, Emma Victoria Godwin. He met my grand mother Ludie Mae Godwin and they got married in 1924”
"Emmett went to work for the Monroe Louisiana Fire Department in 1930 and worked there until he was killed in an auto accident in 1951."

Herb OTWELL and his grandfather Emmett OTWELL, Sr.
 Herb's daughter Janin, 2017:
"This photo was taken a few weeks at most before Emmett Sr. was killed in a car wreck. My father was always very sad about losing his Grandfather so early. I think because his dad didn't like to spend time with him. The story goes that his grandfather was IN LOVE with his grandson. They lived behind Elva and Emmett Jr.'s house. Elva could see from her house when Emmett Sr. would get home from work. She would immediately get Herbie ready to visit with his grandfather. Emmett Sr. would walk over and get Herbie and sit under a fig tree with him between their two houses. Playing with him and talking to him. That picture in the story was in his wallet when he was killed."
Emmett Dewey OTWELL, Jr.
Emmett Dewey OTWELL, Jr. was born in 1925 in Louisiana. He enlisted in the military 20 April 1943. He married Elva and they had one child named Herb. Emmett died 21 May 1972 and was buried in Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery.

James Albert GODWIN, Ludie Mae and Emmett, Jr.
Herb, 2012:
"My father was a police officer for the City of Monroe as was I. He died in 1972 at the age of 47."


Herb OTWELL was born 23 November 1948 in Monroe, Louisiana. He died 14 January 2016 and was buried in Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery. He provided a great deal of information to us on his and his daughter's research and research done by cousins Arlene ROLA and Jackie HALTERMAN. 
Photo from on-line memorial