Friday, August 26, 2016

SIM Family Photos On Flickr

SIM Family of Buffalo, NY -photos are now available on Flickr:
This photo was taken in October 1941 when John William and Mary Ann celebrated their 50th golden wedding anniversary.  Son George passed away in October 1941.
Photo courtesy of cousin Mary Ellen F.

Can you help ID the people in the SIM Family Mystery Photos?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

How did we get to Buffalo, NY?

John William SIM and his wife Mary Ann WALLACE met and married in Toronto, Canada.  John William grew up in Colborne, Ontario and Mary was from Owen Sound, Ontario.  They initially immigrated to Rochester, NY where John William's sisters were living.  They came to Buffalo about 1899 and owned properties in Batavia, Springville and Owen Sound.  George was the first SIM born in the US. 
John William worked as an electrician and lineman for a telephone company and it is likely he moved to Buffalo due to his job.

Welcome to the SIM Family of Buffalo, NY blog.

This blog will detail our family tree research and is intended for all descendants of George SIM and Edna OTWELL.  Distant cousins are welcome to join in the fun.

Breadcrumbs appear in orange text in the upper right of the post so that you can see how the person is related to either George or Edna without having to search previous posts.  For example, George's grandfather would have:
George SIM>John Wm. SIM>James SIM

For those not in the direct line, a description will be included, for example, Aunt Mima (John Wm's sister and George's aunt) would have: 
George's Aunt, paternal line

Please note that as we find more documents, the history changes.  So, what we post today may change tomorrow.

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Thank you for reading about our history.

From Mary and Wendy

Update 1/18/17: A page has been created for our favorite resources - in case you want to help us or research another branch of your tree: