Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Charles OTWELL of Nanticoke, DE (1675-1745), married to Rachel

Edna OTWELL-SIM > Edwin > Maurice > John F. > William > Francis > William OTTWELL > Francis OTWELL > Charles OTWELL

The following (indented) is from the research of Rev. Edward H. OTWELL and Edward BREGENZER’s The Otwell Manuscript (The Otwells in America Since 1619) which is a compilation of their research on the Otwell family history, dated 1998. (You can find a link to this document on our resource page.)
  • Charles was born about 1675 to Francis and Mary OTWELL. He married Rachel and they had at least 3 children Isaac, an unknown child and our ancestor Francis (of Somerset).

Here is a map showing where Nanticoke is in relation to his son Francis who lived in Somerset.


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