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More children of Maurice and Jane OTWELL

Match Girls courtesy of cousin Janin
Edna's Aunts and Uncles (paternal side)
There was no label on this photo, but it is suspected that these 2 girls were the younger OTWELL siblings (Edith, Ila May or Victoria).  The curator of the St. Mary's Museum thinks that the costumes were from a children's parade.  If you look closely, the costumes are made out of match advertisements.
In addition to Edwin OTWELL (our ancestor) and John Franklin OTWELL (the younger), Maurice and Jane had 5 more children:
William Charles (1868-1906) married Elizabeth NEAR in 1889.  They lived in Toronto and William was a barber.  He died at age 38.  They had a daughter named Faye.  Elizabeth moved to Chicago and married BIRMINGHAM.
Mary Ellen (1873-1939) married Isaac Arthur HALEY in 1889.  They soon immigrated to Detroit and Jane joined them in 1903.  They had 8 children and genealogist Jackie HALTERMAN was a descendant of that line.  Mary Ellen died at age 66 of diabetes and chronic nephritis (inflammation of kidneys).
The HALEY family; photo courtesy of cousin Janin.
The HALEYs; photo courtesy of cousin Herb OTWELL
Edith Ann (1875-1955) married Charles PAGE in 1903 and had one daughter.  They remained in Michigan.  She died at age 80.
Ila May (1877-1928) married William MCLEOD in 1898.  That marriage didn't last and she immigrated with Jane to Detroit in 1903.  Next, she married George G. YOUNIE.  No children they remained in Detroit. She died at age 51 of chronic nephritis .
Victoria Jane (1884-1972) also came to Detroit in 1903.  She married Joseph FREISLEBEN in 1920.  Joseph had a daughter from a previous relationship.  They moved to California.  No additional children.  Victoria was the longest lived of the siblings; she died in 1972 at age 88.
  • It is interesting that 2 brothers died before the age of 50 (William and Edwin). 
  • Also interesting that most of the siblings had no children or only one child.  Edwin had 10 while Mary Ellen had 8.
  • You may also note that several of the siblings married in 1898 - the year Maurice was committed.

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