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Quintilla GARTH-OTWELL (1801-1852)

Monument at Georgetown Cemetery with names Wm. & Quintilla Otwell and Martha DORSEY
Photo courtesy of laribel of www.findagrave.com
2 Smaller stones near monument are daughter Martha's husband and child
Edna OTWELL-SIM > Edwin OTWELL > Maurice OTWELL > John Franklin OTWELL > Quintilla GARTH-OTWELL

Quintilla Garth was born in Scott County, Kentucky on January 13, 1801.  Her parents were John Garth and Sarah Griffith.  After John's first wife, Ann Rodes, died he married Sarah Griffith.  "Quint" means 5 and Quintilla was John's 5th daughter.  In the Garth household there were at least 15 children, from John's two wives, who were raised in the home.  John Garth's will listed the home as a mansion house.

On the 1810 and 1820 Scott, Kentucky Censuses, Quintilla would have been recorded with a check mark under the age category listed under her father, John Garth, head of household.  Around 1821 she married William Otwell in Scott County.  They had at least six children who were listed as John Franklin, Thomas, Martha, Emily, Mary Ann and Sarah Jane.

On the 1830 Census the family was in Fayette County, Kentucky with five children listed.  They were living on a 100-acre farm.  We next found Quintilla listed in the will of her father, John Garth, dated July 4, 1833.  She was listed as an heir to $1000 and 1/12 share of railroad stock.

Upon the death of her father-in-law, Francis Otwell, Quintilla's family moved back to Scott County in 1839.  Her family lived on a 150-acre farm known as the Frank Otwell Farm.  On the 1840 Census there were six children listed and on the 1850 Census, Quiintilla was recorded as 50-years old living with her husband and four daughters.

Quintilla Garth-Otwell died 10 days short of 51-years old on January 3, 1852.  She was buried in the Georgetown Cemetery, Scott County, Kentucky.

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