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Judith BOCOCK-GARTH (1740-1806)

Judith's signature
Edna SIM > Edwin OTWELL > Maurice OTWELL > John F. OTWELL > Quintilla GARTH-OTWELL > John GARTH > Judith BOCOCK- GARTH

Judith, daughter of Salem BOCOCK (1721-1776) and Susannah BOW (1720-1757), was born about 1740 in Virginia.

A few references cite Judith’s surname as LONG. It is noted that one of her grandchildren, Mildred BOCOCK, also had the surname LONG referenced in a few documents. It may be that LONG was an ancestor’s surname from the BOW side that was used as a middle name. Or, it could be that her mother Susannah was previously married to someone named LONG. Most research agrees that BOCOCK was the correct surname.

Judith married her childhood friend Thomas GARTH (1740-1806) in 1761 in Louisa Co., VA. They settled in Albemarle County and had at least 9 children: John (our ancestor), Ann, Thomas Jr., Sarah, Susannah, Elijah, Jessie Winston, Garland and Mildred.

Judith died about 1806 at about 70 years old. We do not know where her grave is located.


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