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Items listed on estate appraisals give us an idea of what life was like for our ancestors.  Stark TAYLOR specified "My wife Elizabeth Taylor is to have that portion of the estate to which she would be entitled if I had died intestate, to be held by her in the same manner as she would if I had made no will."  All of the household and farm items, crops, animals and slaves were owned by Stark and Elizabeth had to buy them back at auction.  The estate was then divided into 12 portions and inherited by their living children or the heirs of their dead children (some of the children died before producing heirs).
Items bought by his wife Elizabeth
Stove, all of the furniture in 7 rooms of home, silver ware, cupboard ware, watch, kitchen ware, 21 barrels of salt, 4 cows, 3 rows of apples, brown mare colt, 2 year old brown filly, 1 yoke of oxen, bay buggy mare, 3 hay stacks, 2 oat stacks, 35 acres corn, old buggy, ox cart, 2 horse wagons, box of bees
Household Items
Mills, cider, 21 barrels salt, sausage grinder, brooms, kettles, large tub, pots
Scales, hemp hook, augers, cross cut and hand saw, corn knives, tools, sheep shears, cutter, buckles, rope, irons, drawing knife, side saddle, grind stone, barrels, scrapers, scythes, axes, cradles, nails, box glass, grease, cutting box, rope jack, thrasher, grain sheet, wheat fan, hemp break, 8 plows. 3 small plows, shingles, plank, ox tongs, barrow, forks, cultivator, maul & wedges, hay rake & crow bar, spade & digger, 4 doubletrees, 4 log chains, ox bows, boards, corn sheller, wagon, wagon bed, posts, yokes, bell
Hemp, shelled oats, oats in sheaf, wheat old corn, stack of hay, 27 acres corn, hemp seed, potatoes, 315 bushels of wheat, onions, 13 oats stacks, 6 hemp stacks, 43 stacks of hay, 6 rows of apples
Lambs, 6 hogs, 35 pigs, 6 heifers, 9 cows, 20 calves, bull, 45 sheep, 12 fat cattle, 12 cattle, 9 horses, a mule, 3 yearling steers, mule colt
8 shares in Lexington Newtown Pike


Those retained by Elizabeth TAYLOR: Rachel (34), David (33), Peter (36), Bill (17), Cynthia (24) & her child, Elizabeth (6).
Others that were sold: Henry (25), Aleck (35), Jack (30), Moses (10), Carrie (29), Aaron an old man, Celia (18), Belle (16), Hilda (16), Coraline (18) & her child, Jenni (26) & her child, Maria (8), Esther (4)

Louisville Daily Journal page 3, 10 October1859
Found on Fulton Postcards

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