Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mary H. TAYLOR-OTWELL (1824-1890)


Mary H. Taylor was born around 1824 in Fayette County, Kentucky.  Her parents were Stark Taylor and Elizabeth McClane.  She came from a large family of 16 children and lived on a hemp-growing plantation in Fayette County that also included slaves.

On December 19, 1844 she married John Franklin Otwell.  Mary had only one child, Maurice Otwell, who was born in 1845.  Mary was found on the 1850 US Census living with her husband and son.  Her father, Stark Taylor, listed Mary in his will on January 20, 1858.  From 1824-1859 Mary was in Fayette County, Kentucky.

In 1859 Mary moved with her family to West Nissouri, Ontario, Canada.  She was listed on the 1881 Canadian Census.  We found many recordings for her husband, John, who was a market gardener and owned a cannery.  However, we found very little on Mary who remained in the background of her husband's business.  Although she had only one child, her home was filled with her grandchildren.  Her son, Maurice, and his family lived with her before and after his being committed to St. Mary's Insane Asylum in 1889.

After her husband's canning business was sold, the family moved to London, Ontario in 1889.  We do not have any information on Mary's death except the date of July 21, 1890 in London.

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