Friday, March 24, 2017

John STOKES and Joan JARVISS –Married in 1714

Flag of England

Edna OTWELL > Edwin OTWELL > Jane ASH > Anna Maria MARKS > Uriah MARKS > Mercy STOKES > James STOKES > John STOKES and Joan JARVISS

John STOKES was likely born in North Bradley, Wiltshire, England. We do not know his parent’s names.

On 7 October 1714, he married Joan JARVISS (1696-?), daughter of Thomas Jarvis, Jr. She was christened on 26 April 1696 in North Bradley.

We found only one child, our ancestor James STOKES (1725-?).

When John and Joan were born, William and Mary were king and queen of England.  Next, Anne was queen and after her death, the crown was passed to German speaking cousin George I, King of Hanover in 1714. 

Here ends the STOKES and JARVISS research

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