Friday, January 6, 2017

Mystery Photos from Owen Sound

Here are some photos that are still a mystery.  These were all in cousin Dorothy's album and shared by her daughter Mary Ellen F. 

These were taken in Owen Sound and likely of the WALLACE family.

Edith SIM is on left; about 1915

Edith SIM is on left; about 1915
Love this hat!
Bertha HOFMAR is in center with dark dress.
Dorothy and Edith FOLEY are on far right; about 1935
Edith and Dorothy FOLEY on left, Bertha HOFMAR on right
same day as above - about 1935
The sign in this photo says 1932; girl on left looks similar to one above
Edith is woman on left with stole.
(Might be Bertha with Barney HOFMAR in the photo above)
 Others same as above photo
Man on left with tam appears in other photos above.

Now go home and make sure all your photos have names, dates and locations.

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