Friday, January 20, 2017

Edna OTWELL Photos on Flickr

Edna Otwell-Sim
Edna in bathing suit,
Crystal Beach, 1929
Photo courtesy Delores S.

Edna's photos are now available on Flickr:

Updated 1/25/17: New photos added to Flickr -courtesy cousin Kathy A.

Edna and Uncle Charles H., Easter 1976

Kathy's Prom, 1976 with Joan and PJ, her date, brother Kevin,
and Edna.  Edna was undergoing chemo treatment

Kathy's graduation, June 1976 with PJ and Joan (back)
PJ's mother Agnes BYRNES and Edna (front).
Edna passed away the following September.  This is one of
the last photo of her. And, she looks fantastic
considering her illness.
Thanks Kathy!!!
Please contact us if you have photos to share!

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