Friday, December 23, 2016

Alexander WHYTE and Janet WALKER Married in 1788

 George SIM > John W. SIM > Elizabeth GRUER-SIM > Magdalane WHYTE-GRUER > Alexander WHYTE and Janet WALKER

Alexander Whyte and Janet Walker were the parents of Magdalane Whyte, who was born September 6, 1807, and married William Gruer.  The birth certificates of Magdalane's twins stated Alexander and Janet Whyte were from Denhead, County of Perth, Scotland,

Alexander was born about 1750 in Newtyle, Angus, Scotland.  Janet Walker was also born in Newtyle around 1763.  Her father was James Walker and her mother is unknown.

Alexander and Janet were married in Newtyle on January 27, 1788.  They had 10 children which included Margaret, Jane, Isobel, Agnes, Christian, Adam, Elisabeth, Magdalane and two children whose names were not recorded on the baptism certificates.

The Whyte Family was associated with clans MacGregor and Lamont.  The Walker Family was associated with clans MacGregor, MacMillon, Stewart of Appin and Wallace.
MACGREGOR tartan from
For now, this will conclude our research on the Whyte and Walker families.

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