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Alexander GREWER and Flora PATERSON - Married in 1799

GREWER Coat of Arms from www.scotsclan.com
George SIM > John W. SIM > Elizabeth GRUER-SIM > Wm. GRUER > Alexander GREWER and Flora PATERSON   
At this point we have found on various documents the Gruer name also spelled as Grewer and Grewar.

We have no positive information on the births of Alexander Grewer or Flora Paterson.

Alexander Grewar married Flora Paterson on November 2, 1799 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.  All the records we have found spell Paterson with one "t" not the usual Patterson.  In researching we found many Paterson families in Scotland at this time.

We are quite positive these are William (Grewer) Gruer's parents as he named his first daughter, Flora, likely after his mother.  He, also, named another daughter, Isabella Stewart Gruer, after a brother and sister we found.

We found nine children born to Alexander and Flora.  All were born in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.

Alexander Grewer                  Born September 8, 1800  
William Grewer                       Born August 2, 1802        
James Gruar                           Born April 16, 1805
Stewart Gruar (male)             Born December 22, 1807
Flora Gruar                            Born March 17, 1810
Ann Gruar                              Born April 10, 1812
Margaret Gruar                      Born May 31, 1819
Elizabeth Gruar                      Born October 1, 1821
Stewart Grewer (female)        Married James Campbell  
                                              on March 12, 1832

The Grewer family was located around Braemar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland since the 11th century.  Shorted form of MACGRUER, they were associated with clans Fraser, MacGregor and Lamont. The Coat of Arms is no longer recognized today.  They are one of the oldest families in the region. They were noted for their running ability, and their name means either ‘fleet of foot’ or ‘greyhound’. Note the greyhound on the former coat of arms.  We will need further research to continue this line.
Tartan plaid for GREWER from www.scotclans.com
The Paterson Clan was located around Loch Fyne.  The name means "son of Patrick" and is a common Scottish surname today. 
Tartan plaid for PATERSON from www.scotclans.com

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