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George William SIM (1899-1941)

BIRTH - George William Sim was born May 3, 1899.  His parents were John Wm. Sim and Mary Ann Wallace.  He first shows up on the 1900 US Census as a one-year old living with his family at 49 Adams Street, Monroe County, Rochester, NY.  However, the Sim Bible states he was born in Buffalo, NY. 

EDUCATION - The 1940 US Census lists four-years high school.
george, crystal beach
George, Crystal Beach, 1923
Photo courtesy Aunt Pat H.
(This photo received the most views on Flickr account - over 120 in 2016)
PHYSICAL- Per WWI draft registration, George was medium height, slender built, blue eyes, with light brown hair.

MILITARY SERVICE - On September 12, 1918 George registered for the draft.  He is in Washington, DC working as a Switchboard Installer for Mr. Bright.  The New York Records of the National Guard showed George, age 23, with the Military Unit HQ Co 54th Infantry Brigade on May 8, 1922. 

MARRIAGE - On June 18, 1924 George Sim married Edna Otwell in Buffalo, NY.
                        They had five children, William, John, Joan, Patricia and Gerald.

edna, george, gertrude
OTWELL-SIM marriage, 1924
US 1900/l year old       49 Adams Street, Monroe County, Rochester, NY
NYS 1905/6 years old        Batavia, Genesee County, NY
US 1910/10 years old        91 Peach Street, Buffalo, NY
CDN 1911/12 years old     Grey North District, Ontario, Canada
NYS 1915                             Family not found
US 1920/20 years old        500 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY  Living with parents. Occupation: None
NYS 1925/26 years old      Lackawanna, NY
US 1930/30 years old        217 LaSalle Ave., Buffalo, NY  Living with his family at his parent's home.                        Paying $40 rent.  Occupation - proprietor of a restaurant
US 1940/41 years old        296 Chapman Dr., Hamburg, NY, renting, yearly income of $2080.                                   Occupation - foreman -  steel mill
gearge, woodlawn beach
George at Woodlawn Beach, 1923
Photo courtesy of Aunt Pat H.

(Found on Old Fulton NY Postcards Website)
June 18, 1924 - Applied for marriage license with Edna Otwell

Dec. 21, 1927 - George was stabbed and seriously wounded in his soft drink place at 17 Wadsworth, Buffalo.  He was taken to Columbus Hospital and received 30 stitches to close the wound.
Jan. 5, 1928 - George Kirby, 27, charged with assault and robbery.
Feb. 15, 1928 - A supreme court jury found George Kirby not guilty of a robbery, first degree charge.


May 16, 1928 - George was charged with dry law violations.

Oct. 20, 1928 - Charge dismissed when it was shown George had sold his place of business prior to the raid to Frederick Otwell, his brother-in-law.

DEATH - October 19, 1941 in Hamburg, NY, George W. Sim died from aplastic anemia. He was 42-years old.  His remains are interred at Ridgelawn Cemetery in Cheektowaga, NY.

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