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Alice Elizabeth SIM-MCCALL (1894-1966)

Alice and her grandchildren Peter and Judy
Photo courtesy cousin Judy B.
George SIM's sister
Early years- Alice was the eldest child of John Wm and Mary Ann SIM.  She was born on 5 February 1894 in Sarawak Township, Grey, Ontario, Canada.  In 1898, the family immigrated to the US.  Alice began grade school in Batavia, NY and finished in Buffalo’s School No. 24.  After graduation, she joined the school’s alumni association as an elected official.  Alice was the first SIM in our family to graduate from high school.
Alice and little brother George and their dog Sparky

Work history- After high school, Alice moved into an apartment and worked in an office.  She did not work when her children were young, but in the 1930 census, she was working in her husband’s lunch room.   In 1940, after her husband’s death, she was a seamstress. Later, she was a companion to the elderly.

Immigration and Citizenship- John Wm immigrated the family to the US about 1898.  Alice became a naturalized citizen in 1915.

Family- At age 22, Alice married 26 year old Ronald Beebe MCCALL (1890-1938) on 6 June 1916 in Tonawanda, Erie, NY.  They initially settled in the Buffalo area.

They had at least 3 children (all born in Buffalo):

Etta MCCALL (1917-1949) who married Charles A. WOOD
Doris MCCALL (1918-2001) who married Charles P. CHAPIN
Ronald B. MCCALL, Jr. (1922-1975) who married Joy Lee REED

Ronald was the eldest child of Archibald C. MCCALL and Etta A. BEEBE of Arcade, Wyoming Co., NY.  Ronald attended Cornell University.  In the marriage registry, he was listed as a superintendent.  In the 1920 census, he worked in a shipyard.  In 1925 he was a restaurateur.  In 1930, he was a proprietor of a lunch room.  Ronald died suddenly on 3 August 1938.  He was interred in the MCCALL family plot in Arcade.

Ronald with Doris and Etta
Photo courtesy of cousin Mary Ellen F.
From the Buffalo Courier Express
Found on Old Fulton NY Postcards website

In the 1920 census, the MCCALLs were living in Philadelphia, PA.  By the 1925 New York Census, they had returned to Buffalo.  They remained in Buffalo at the following locations:

In 1925, they lived at 777 Amherst Place in Buffalo.
In 1930, they lived at 86 Virgil Avenue in Buffalo.
In 1935-40, Alice and her children lived with her mother-in-law at 307 Bedford Avenue in Buffalo.  Her mother-in-law died in 1940.
Later, Alice lived at 277 Norwalk Avenue in Buffalo.  Nearby was John Wm and Mary Ann, the HOFMARs and the FOLEYs. 

Interesting Notes-

·         Alice was the matron of honor for Joyce CAMPBELL in her wedding to Donald HOFMAR (Alice’s nephew).
·         The daughters of John Wm and Mary Ann were known as “The Simple Sim Sisters”.
  • Alice had colon cancer in the late 1950s and had a colonoscopy.
Alice and her sister Edith - 2 of the Simple Sim Sisters
Photo courtesy of cousin Judy B.

Death- Alice died 18 May 1966 in Buffalo.  Her remains are interred at Elm Lawn Cemetery in Kenmore, NY.
From the Buffalo Courier Express
Found on Old Fulton NY Postcards website 

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