Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Lillian Craig's Baby Book

This family treasure was shared by cousin Marybeth S.  Her mother, Arlene ROLA (1924-2012), received this book from Aunt Lillian CRAIG (1892-1977).  Lillian had recorded all of the family's important dates; a little more information than what is typical for a baby book.  Arlene was the first person in our family to research the OTWELL family tree.  Could this book be what started her on her journey?

The book was originally created for Bobby CRAIG (born 1916), but also included a photo of James CRAIG (born 1919).  There are a couple of photos of the CRAIG grandparents, too.

Most of the book is full of tips for new mothers and is quite interesting to read.  Remember mothers, "don't give your baby tea, coffee, beer or wine" and "don't take him out when the snow is melting"!  My favorite page is the list of presents that baby received on his birth day.
Thank you Marybeth for sharing!

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