Tuesday, October 3, 2017

DNA Tested for Male SIM - Part 2 of 3

The results of the LivingDNA test provided information on the specific areas of the United Kingdom that our ancestors lived 10 generations ago (about the early 1700s).  The idea is that people were not likely to move away from their birthplaces and these map regions were secluded allowing them to identify common DNA in each region.

% Area (Autosomal DNA) - maps are included at end of this blog entry
15.2 South England
12.2 Northwest Scotland (includes northern Ireland)
11.1 Southeast England
5.9 Aberdeenshire
4.4 North Yorkshire
3.9 South Yorkshire
3.2 Northumbria
1.6 Orkney Islands
1.2 South Wales

In our family tree research, we have only been able to go back 6 generations for the earliest complete list of ancesters:
Edward SIM married to Mary GALA of Scotland
William GRUER married to Magdelene WHITE of Braemer and Dundee, Scotland
Thomas WALLACE married to Betty DICKIE of Ireland
William HUSTON married to Esther PARK of Balleymoney, Ireland
John F. OTWELL married to Mary TAYLOR of Kentucky, USA (original OTWELLS from Huntington in Southeast England)
William ASH of Ireland
Anna Maria MARKS of Heytesbury, Wiltshire in South England
Robert CHARNOCK married to Margaret BRADLEY of Liverpool, England
Joseph and Mary SCOTT of England

The following map highlights what we know. 

We do not know exact locations of SIM/GALA, WALLACE/DICKIE, TAYLOR, ASH or SCOTT family origins.

For the children of George SIM and Edna OTWELL, we would expect 44% England, 31% Ireland and 25% Scotland based on our family tree research of generation 6.
The DNA results showed 66% England, 34% Scotland/Ireland for generation 10.
  • Some of the Irish families may have originated in England or Scotland and had immigrated to Ireland some time during the 1700s. The Northwest Scotland 12.2% may be some of the Irish line.  It is also likely to be the SIM line since they were part of the Fraser Clan from that same area.  View a map of clans.
  • The remaining Scots 13% is found in Aberdeenshire (10%) and the Orkney Islands (3%).   We know that GRUER/WHITE were from Braemar, Aberdeenshire.  
  • No idea how the Orkney Islands fit into our family- that's a surprise.
  • Nothing found in the Liverpool area - where we know that the CHARNOCK family originated.
  • For the missing families, we should concentrate our research to South England, Southeast England, Yorkshire, Northumbria and South Wales.
Scotland/Ireland Maps


Northwest Scotland (includes northern Ireland)


England Maps
South England

Southeast England
North Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

South Wales

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