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Children of James SIM and Elizabeth GRUER

isabella palmer

Isabella, 1935

Photo courtesy cousin Sherry T.

George's aunts and uncle, paternal line
Isabella SIM-PALMER (1855-1938) was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada with her parents.  James is listed as her father on the birth certificate.  We do not know when Elizabeth married James SIM or where (Scotland or Australia). 

Isabella married Samuel PALMER (1852-1941) of Ontario in Jan 1874 in Michigan.  Sam was a Quaker and a furniture maker.  They settled in Woolert, Ontario and had at least 4 children (Mabel DUNN, Harold, Loaella ANDERSON and Alice HENDERSON).  She died of chronic myocarditis at age 83.  Her headstone has different dates. 

Mary SIM-STROHM (1857-1926) married George Beck STROHM (1855-1937) of Rochester in Jun 1874 in Michigan.  They settled in Rochester and had at least 3 children (Ada HINSDALE, Harry and William).  Mary was the first SIM sibling to relocate to Rochester – her siblings Maggie (in 1880), Mima (in 1882), Jessie (in 1883) and John Wm (in 1898) followed.  George was a wealthy land developer in Rochester.  Mary died at age 69.  Her will stipulated that George would receive her inheritance, but it would go to her children if he ever remarried.
mary strohm, mima lewis
Frederick and Mima LEWIS, Mary and George STROHM
Photo courtesy cousin Mary Ellen F.

Sarah SIM-COX (1859-1920) married Edward COX (1850-1915) and remained in Ontario.  They had at least 2 children (Emma DRURY and Stuart).  She died at age 61.
Obituary from the Sim Scrapbook

Margaret Gruer SIM-NEVIN (1861-1887), known as "Maggie",  immigrated to Rochester, NY in 1880.  Her middle name Gruer was her mother’s maiden name.  She married Hugh NEVIN (1858-) in 1883 in Rochester.  They had attended Sunday School together.  Hugh was a clerk.  They had 1 son (Hugh Jr.).  Maggie died at age 26 after an illness.  Hugh remarried and eventually moved to Ohio after having some legal trouble in Rochester.   There is no headstone for Maggie, she is near the NEVIN family headstone.
Obituary from the Sim Scrapbook

Emma SIM (1864-1872) died at age 8 of typhoid fever.

Willie SIM (1866) died at age 1 day. 

Jemima SIM-LEWIS (1868-1950) was known as Mima (My’-ma).  She moved to Rochester in 1882.  She married Frederick LEWIS (1856-1925) of Rochester, NY in 1895 at the home of Frederick’s former roomie and Mima’s brother-in-law Hugh NEVIN in Rochester.  Frederick was a book keeper.  They settled in Rochester and had at least 3 children (Ada Louise CLOW, Mildred and Frederick).  After Frederick passed away, Mima took a job at age 57 as a companion to a wealthy woman, Mrs. LIKELY.  Mima died at age 82.   There is no headstone for Mima or Frederick.  I found a few items in the society pages for Mima and her sisters (Old Fulton NY Postcards web page).

Rochester Democrat Chronicle, 1917
(Old Fulton NY Postcards website)

Rochester Democrat Chronicle, 1918
(Old Fulton NY Postcards website)

John William SIM (1870-1954) was the baby of the family and only known son to pass down the SIM surname.  (James was quite a bit older than Elizabeth and he may have had a previous marriage.)
This is John Wm with his sister Mima LEWIS in 1948 and
taken at CLOW residence in Rochester (60 Berwick Road).  On mantle are photos
of Mima's son-in-law Frank CLOW and his daughter Elaine.
Mima is wearing a corsage and this is likely her 80th birthday.
Photo courtesy of cousin Mary Ellen F.
Information from cousin Susan L.

Jessie GRUER-SIM-SKINNER (1851-1932)  was born in Scotland just prior to Elizabeth immigrating to Australia.  She grew up in the GRUER household.  Though she was likely not a biological daughter of James, the SIM surname was referenced in her obituary.  She married bookkeeper George SKINNER (1849-1905) in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1874 and they immigrated to Toronto, Canada prior to 1881.  About 1883, they immigrated to Rochester, NY.  They had at least 7 children.

Rochester Democrat Chronicle, 1932
(Old Fulton NY Postcards website)